Mould Adjustable Die Bending Solutions

Our company Lianmeng has large-scale high-precision processing equipment such as gantry CNC milling and 12m CNC surface grinder. The adjustable die can be processed with an overall length of 12m to ensure the overall consistency of the notch length direction.
The adjustable die is made of high-quality mold steel, adopts the overall heat treatment process, tempering to relieve stress, and the key parts of the die are quenched by laser, which ensures the high strength and long life of the mold.
The working part of the notch of the adjustable die adopts a rotating roller structure, and the roller is made of high-strength, high-wear-resistant hard alloy material. During bending and forming, the rotation of the roller greatly reduces the friction between the die and the plate, and improves the surface quality of the bent workpiece. At the same time, the rollers are easy to replace after wear and tear, increasing the service life of the mold.

Adjustable Die

1.Automatic Adjustable Die

The automatic adjustable die can be assembled on all brands of press brake, the die control system is compatible with the controller system of press brake.
The transmission mechanism of the automatic adjustable die adopts high-quality brand
servo motors, high-precision planetary reducers, precision ball screws, ensures fast and accurate adjustment of mold notch size.
The adjustable die provides a protective cloth to protect the mold from dust and debris, so as not to affect the normal use of the mold.

MVM-CNC-I rack type automatic adjustable die

Advantage: it only takes 10 seconds to adjust the opening of 0-100mm, which is fast and efficient,  greatly improves the processing efficiency of the press brake.

MVM-H-I rack type semi-automatic adjustable die

MVM-CNC-II inclined block automatic adjustable die

This structure is suitable for molds with a small adjustment range of the die opening

2.Manual Adjustable Die

Adopting modular design, standard mold inserts have high dimensional accuracy and can be interchanged.
The number of mold inserts and the length of the splicing mold can be selected according to the actual needs of users.
Modular design features interchangeable parts for quick, low-cost repairs.

MVM-H-III insert type opening adjustable die