We develop and manufacture high-quality precision tooling, known to retain its long-lasting precision. Our award-winning innovations make the tool changing process faster, safer and extremely accurate.

  • LMRM produces precise CNC bending tools with high-quality 42CrMo material. Our hardness solutions meet specific requirements. Customized and standard tools are available. We offer exceptional customer service and guarantee high-quality tools to exceed expectations.

  • LMRM’s mechanical compensation crowning table improves bending accuracy with stable, high-accuracy compensation and lower costs. Our system is manual or motor-adjustable and fits various press brake machines and tools. Customized solutions are available. Our commitment to innovation, accuracy, and affordability ensures your satisfaction.

  • LMRM’s mechanical quick-change clamping system features an innovative internal structure and provides a lower price, quick-clamp, and high accuracy. Our hydraulic top and bottom clamping systems come in various models to advance press brake productivity. Customized solutions are available to fit your needs and budget.

  • LMRM’s panel bending tools are customized to meet your exact specifications, with precision grinding and exact parallelism for accurate and consistent bending. Our use of high-quality materials guarantees strength and durability. Choose LMRM for quality and precision in your panel bending operations.

  • With over 30-year experience of special forming toolings, LMRM can offer including Z-bend press brake tools, hemming punches and dies, and adjustable press brake dies. Choose our customized solutions to optimize your production processes. Our experts are available to discuss your needs and provide the support you need to optimize your production processes.

  • All LMRM shear blades are crafted from the highest-quality alloys using close tolerance quality control standards. Extended blade life combined with less downtime leads to a more productive and profitable production shearing operation.