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What is a press brake die?

What is the bending process?

Bending is a common metalworking process used to bend metal sheets into desired shapes. It is of importance in modern manufacturing as it can be used to make a variety of metal products such as automotive parts, aerospace parts, electronic device casings, etc.

The importance of the bending process is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Manufacturing complex shapes: The bending process can bend metal sheets into various shapes, such as V-shape, U-shape, Z-shape, etc. This allows manufacturers to create complex components and products based on the product’s requirements.

Improve product strength: Through the bending process, metal sheets can be folded into multiple layers, thereby improving the strength and stiffness of the product. This is very important for some products that need to withstand greater strength and importance.

Improve production efficiency: Compared with other processing methods, such as welding or casting, the bending process is usually more efficient. It can achieve high-speed, high-precision production through automated equipment and CNC technology, thereby improving production efficiency.

What is press brake die?

The press brake die is a key element in the bending process. It is a tool used to bend metal sheets and usually consists of an upper die and a lower die. The upper mold is fixed to the mechanical press, while the lower mold is fixed to the workbench. When a sheet of metal is placed between two dies, a mechanical press applies pressure that bends the sheet into the desired shape between the dies.

Press Brake Die
Press Brake Die

The design and manufacturing of the press brake die is very important because it directly affects the quality an